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Post  Nathias on 2011-04-17, 8:46 pm

Okay, I would like to nip this in the butt before it grows at all.

I started building a home (which I admit is now turning into a small vargabond town) within 100-200 blocks of the edge of a kingdom (The Dominion). I was unaware I was so close until significant amounts of construction had begun underway, and for this I APPOLOGISE .

I have spoken to the leader of the faction (Diabloz) and he and I have concluded on peace, was we pose no threat to faction, and hope to just live as a humble group of people. After being threatened with griefing (against the rules) I have found that some members of the faction may not be so happy with the conclusion.

All I can say is due to the time and effort I put into my construction I am not going to leave nor stop building under the whim of some disgruntled players as I impose no threat, not do my collegues. We have no valuables other than the gold I gave to Diabloz in good faith, so no raiding or griefing would be seen as fit under Section 2 part A of the rules of the kingdom (See

Also, as we are out of 50 blocks of the edge of the faction we are not imposing on land.

This was not a post to flame, nor to cause it. Just clearing this up to avoid a future shit storm of raiding, griefing and many grief reports.

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