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Post  Diabloz on 2011-04-16, 11:04 am

Hello, Im Diabloz the Current Leader of, The Dominion. If your Reading this your probably Thinking in Joining us,
So i will tell you a little about us.

We are a PVP/Building Faction, We enjoy PVP (but this does not mean we are Hostile), as well as Building Epic, and massive Structures. We try our best to create useful and nice looking buildings, and are always expanding and starting new building projects. Building projects are usually lead and monitored by Town Nobles (i will be talking about Nobles later on) who will help supply material, although projects are lead by Nobles, this does not mean you wont have the opportunity to show off your creative abilities. We encourage our builders to input their own building style into our building projects.

We Will Intervene in any Conflict that may seem unjust, as long as it does not affect our allies, Treaties and Beliefs

> we Believe random killing is wrong
> Stealing is Completely Wrong
> Respect Those Who Work Hard
> Organization if Crucial
> Anyone against us good or evil will taste the tip of our swords.
> world Domination (lol)
> Competitiveness

Now for the PVP:

-We are a PVP faction, meaning most of our faction members are reasonably good PVPers.
-We do weekly raid practice runs, and explore new sections of the map as a raid team.
-Because this is an RP server we do not Randomly Raid other towns without and RP reason
-^ this means we will only lift our swords if our RP characters are in danger, or are Provoked.
-You cannot take Revenge on someone who's killed you.
- if your reading these rules type "7" at the end of your application
-If you killed/or are killed by someone who provoked your In game Character its always a good idea to take a ScreenShot of the final conversation Before the kill, this gives you proof if there are any Reports against you in the future.
-Your Characters PVP decisions cannot be affected by something you (the person playing the RP Character) knows (metagamming)
-all PVP question can be asked to an in game mod, or Diabloz.

What are the benefits of joining our city?

All towns Members own their own personal lot, this means the land your assigned is your own personal property that only you can access, you may set special permissions on this properties, to allow friends and other people to visit you. (towny mod)

You have the Protection Of a Faction, This mean people will think twice about trying to raid or kill you.

Hospitality, TheDominion is a well organized faction, and once joining our town you may access our food/material supplies, once becoming a trusted member you have access to more valuable resources.

Trust, Our City Council are very trusted members who will aid and assist you anyway possible.

Town owned Stores, because we have a plot system, this allows for resident owned stores in the commercial side of the city.

Our City

Our City and Faction HeadQuarters is Tailteann
And the Home to Our noble members.

In the city the Upmost Trusted members are known as Nobles,

Nobles are Faction Helpers, and take care of section of all the needs of a faction

Here are the current Nobles:

The King- Diabloz
-Oversees Nobles
-Final Word

Military - TheLolness
-Enforces Laws

Economy -Diabloz

Engineer- Arkitek
-Kingdom Projects
-Building Layout & Design

Public Relations- Ivan/Diabloz
-Foreign Affairs


Explorer - Cypranex
-Charts new lands
-Gathers intel on where about.
-Spots useful resources

Journey Noble - Toren2
-Gathers Food for Faction
-Crafts important/Classified
Items for Special missions.

you may apply for Noble once earning the trust of our city council.

Faction Rules:
1) Respect one another (obviously)
2) RP is a must, if there is an outsider welcoming and greets are prefered
3) Do not Steal from each other, People found trying to steal another residents item will be kicked from the faction w/o warning
4) if your reading type 4 next to the previous number.
5) outsider thieves, bandits and highwayman. wielding a weapon may be killed on site ( we are a PVP faction, Dont Try you Luck with us) if they announce they are here to attack us, you have authority to defend your life and goods.
6) none RP players in our city trying to snoop around may be killed on sight. If a player comes to your town, just to look around not in character trying to break into peoples house may be killed on sight.
7) Respect the Nobles they Help me run the city
7) if you have a problem talk to diabloz or Arkitek about it we are here to have a good time, not drama.

Major Building Project (will progress more when server goes live)
1) Expanding Tailteann (ongoing)
2) Creation of a Space station (on going)
3) Creating new Faction outposts (on going)
4) Build a Weapon mass Destruction (on going)
5) creating methods of transportation to link all our Outposts(ongoing)

Current Enemys:

Thieves, Bandits, Highwayman's, and any type of looting characters.

Current Allies:
The Subterranean Rebellion


RP Character (if applicable):
How long have you been with the kingdoms:
What you wish To accomplish in The Dominion:
Recommendations (Any member from the dominion who is recommending you):
Do you PVP:
Why are you joining the Dominion:
Anything else i should know:
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