The Server Is going back to normal

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The Server Is going back to normal

Post  chivers706 on 2011-02-26, 12:42 pm

Because we are working on the server and everything the server is going back to normal and the old map.... you must have a copy of the old .jar to get onto the map, so if you do not have one all you have to do is download this file which i have provided for you and replace it with your old .jar file.


I do not know how long it will be before we have the server running on the new server client so im not going to tell you... I though I could do it last night but the plugins are different and harder to config. Im going to work on it in my free time today but i do have alot of things to do.

If you cant get on the server today that is because is down and there is noone there to fix it.

Installing minecraft.jar file........

windows -
go to start and search for %appdata%
go to the roaming file and click and the first file in there should be .minecraft
click on it and then go to your bin folder inside of that....
replace the minecraft.jar with the new one and leave the version number if you are using the old client.... if using the new client then that does not matter becuase it will prompt you and ask if you want to download the new file.update and say no

NO CLUE if someone knows please post it and i will edit this post
Go to Macintosh HD
Click on Users
Go to your name
Go to Library
Go to Application Support
Go to Minecraft
Go to bin
Make a folder called "Jar files" or something
Drag your old one in there
Put the new one in
Your done!


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