The Mother Tree

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The Mother Tree

Post  Minecrafter309 on 2011-05-01, 11:55 am

At the beginning of time there was nothing but space. Then Earth was formed. Earth became lonely and decided to create a small companion for himself. This small companion he named Tree. Tree grew and grew and Earth expanded and expanded to fit Tree. Soon Tree was done growing and it was a truly magnificent creature. Tree and Earth talked to each other but Tree grew bored of Earth, with his slow thinking and unoriginal speech and talk. Earth always dwelled on the past as was his nature. Tree shed his leaves one day and another tree sprang from where they had fallen. This tree soon became bigger than Tree. When Tree died Earth focused all of his attention on expanding, but Earth could only create Earth. The second tree decided to create life. But he was interrupted by the pesky Darkness. The tree soon found that life could only be started where light was. So the tree and Darkness were playing a game of tug of war. The tree would create and Darkness would stunt the growth. The tree for her efforts became known as the Mother of All Life or the Mother Tree. One day Mother Tree had an idea. She created a tribe of men and women and told them to dig into the Earth where there was Coal. She had heard that Coal would bring light when the Sun could not be over her crops. Something happened though all the men and women died within a week! Mother Tree cried for many days and her tears created lakes, rivers, seas, and oceans. When Mother Tree was done crying she looked at Earth and created humans again. She set them the same task of finding coal. The humans soon found Coal and lit it and put around Mother Tree's crops. Sun looked at this and was impressed. He decided that he would do the same thing but on a much larger scale. He found Rock in the void of Space and put some of his brilliance inside of it. He sent it along after he passed over Mother Tree's crops to provide some light even when Darkness came. Light himself saw this and blew himself into small rocks around the void of Space. Mother Tree named these Stars. Mother Tree had her crops and her trees sorted and she focused on creating many more humans. She created them and sent them through her Roots into other trees all over Earth. Earth was happy for Mother Tree for she had given him a reason to exist. The humans after many years became self sufficient and forgot of Mother Tree, even those who first retrieved Coal from the Earth for her. Mother Tree was happy that her children were growing up, but once again she became lonely. She created a nation of humans whose sole purpose was to tend to her creations. These humans grew in number and took their responsibility into a religious sense and worshipped the Earth and most of all Mother Tree. She taught them to use her Roots to travel quickly from place to place. It is said that these humans still exist today as does the Mother Tree. If you ever find one in his or her worship they will slay you. If you wander near the Mother Tree they will slay you and if you desecrate the Earth by taking more than is necessary, they will slay you.

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Re: The Mother Tree

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Very nice and original Very Happy

I like to see people posting in this section. So many good stories.

Thanks for this Smile

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